Instructors Needed

The International Seieido Federation is expanding at an alarming rate! Current locations include USA, Central America, South America, Germany, Italy, and Australia. And the ISF along with Grand Master Johnson, “The Digital Master” is the FIRST Martial Arts Organization in the WORLD to develop a 24/7 ONLINE Black Belt Training Course.

We are seeking motivated, dedicated, experienced Black Belts who would love to teach the most complete self-defense system in the world and make a good living doing so. You don’t have to change anything you are presently doing. Just learn the exciting curriculum and add it to your current teaching outline or teach it completely separate. I will provide all the certification with a place for your signature, you get the credit and you can keep approximately 90% of the income generated.

Certified ISF Instructors are the backbone of this dynamic system and are treated with the utmost respect. The 2 and 3 Day Seminars conducted by Master Johnson are most popular and financially rewarding and are recommended to successfully launch SEIEIDO in your community. DO NOT HESITATE!!! Become the FIRST "EBB" (Elite Black BelT) and CERTIFIED ISF INSTRUCTOR IN YOUR AREA. CONTACT MASTER JOHNSON IMMEDIATELY !!!

PHONE 559-917-5262
FAX 559-822-7428

MAIL: International Seieido Federation
7797 N. First St., Suite #328
Fresno, CA. 93720

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