Frequently Asked Questions

How can I earn a Black Belt Online?

By demonstrating to Master Johnson your proficiency in all three levels of the art of Seieido. Demonstrating your profeciency in the first two levels can be be done in person, by video, Live Webcam, CD, or DVD. However, you must demonstrate proficiency at Level One first. Then you will be given access to Level Two and so on until you successfully complete all three levels. It is recommended that when testing for the rank of Black Belt, you do so in front of Master Johnson. REMEMBER: There are NO Testing Fees and once you have been awarded the coveted Black Belt rank, you will no longer be charged the $20 monthly fee. You will simply pay an annual fee of $35 to maintain your ISF membership and all of the many benefits that go with it. NOTE: IT IS STRONGLY RECOMENDED THAT YOU TRY TO FIND A LOCAL MARTIAL ARTS SCHOOL THAT IS AUTORIZED BY THE INTERNATIONAL SEIEIDO FEDERATION TO CONDUCT BLACK BELT TESTING FIRST. TRAINING IN PERSON WITH A WORLD RECOGNIZED AND CERTIFIED INSTRUCTOR(ask to see their credentials and verify these credentials with the issuing body, i.e., WTF,ITF,JKA, etc.)SHOULD ALWAYS BE YOUR FIRST CHOICE. This online course was specifically designed for those that would otherwise never have a chance to learn REALISTIC and EFFECTIVE self-defense skills.

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Do I Need a Partner?

Not in Level One, but it is highly recommended and MUCH more fun! However, Level Two and Level Three require a partner in order to properly demonstrate the proficiency of each technique. All instruction is taught very clearly and is simple to learn. Remember, you can stop, pause, and view the same class as much and as often as you like. This is something that is impossible in a commercial martial arts school. You progress at YOUR pace.

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What is Seieido?

Please click on the "International Seieido Federation" link on the home page and watch the "Sample Videos" provided on the Home page. For further clarification, contact Master Johnson directly at 559-917-5262.

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What other Black Belt Ranking is available?

You can earn World Recognized Black Belt ranking in the art of Taekwondo and coming soon, you will be able earn Black Belts in the arts of Hapkido, Shotokan, Kenpo, and many others. Plus, there will be specific Certification Courses in various skills, such as Escrima, Staff, Nunchuckus, etc.

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Can I personally train with Master Johnson?

Absolutely!!! Contact him directly at 559-917-5262. You may also want to schedule a one or two day seminar for your school and make some extra money doing so! Master Johnson does conduct Private Instruction but these must be arranged in advance.

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Can I earn a living teaching Seieido?

Absolutely! When you become a member you are given a Referral ID#. Once you become a Certified I.S.F. Black Belt Instructor you will be paid $5.00 per month per referred and current member that is associated with your Referral ID#. That means if you refer 1,000 members to the I.S.F. by giving them your Referral ID#, you will be paid $5,000.00 per month as long as they remain members in good standing. This is in addition to all the income you can make teaching Seieido commercially. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

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What if I'm alraedy a Black Belt?

This is great because you've already demonstrated the ability to acheive your goals with a "Failure is not an Option" mentality. NOW it's time to obtain an "ELITE LEVEL" Black Belt Certification. Earning a Black Belt in the art of Seieido means you are among the ELITE. You will be highly skilled in Grappling, Weapon Disarms, Multi-Attacker Defense, Close Quarter Combat, Joint Locks, Throws, Takedowns, etc., and you will be part of an international family that is recognized as such. You will also have the ability to earn a tremendous income. WTF Black Belt certification is also available in the art of Taekwondo.

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What other opportunities does the International Seieido Federation offer?

The International Seieido Federation is expanding at an alarming rate! Current locations include USA, Central America, South America, Germany, Italy, and Australia. And the ISF along with GrandMaster Johnson, "The Digital Master" is the FIRST Martial Arts Organization in the WORLD to develop a 24/7 ONLINE SELF-DEFENSE and Black Belt Training Course.

We are seeking motivated, dedicated, experienced Black Belts who would love to teach the most complete self-defense system in the world and make a good living doing so. You don't have to change anything you are presently doing. Just learn the exciting curriculum and add it to your current teaching outline or teach it completely separate. I will provide all the certification with a place for your signature, you get the credit and you can keep approximately 90% of the income generated. arrainged

Certified ISF Instructors are the backbone of this dynamic system and are treated with the utmost respect. The 2 and 3 Day Seminars conducted by Master Johnson are most popular and financially rewarding and are recommended to successfully launch SEIEIDO in your community. DO NOT HESITATE!!! Become the FIRST CERTIFIED ISF INSTRUCTOR IN YOUR AREA. CONTACT GrandMaster Johnson IMMEDIATELY !!!

PHONE 559-917-5262
FAX 559-322-2152

MAIL International Seieido Federation
7797 N. First St., #328
Fresno, CA. 93720

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Is the art Seieido good for Law Enforcement and Security Professionals?

Absolutely! Seieido teaches Non-Agressive Control Techniques which is GREAT for reducing company Liability. Seieido also teaches weapon disarms and multi-attacker defense as well as (CQC) Close Quarter Combat skills to help you stay alive!

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Is Master Johnson available to talk to Online members?

YES! Master Johnson is available practically 24 hours per day because your success is his number one priority. Don't ever hesitate to contact him at 559-917-5262. Certified ISF Instructors are given a Toll-Free number.

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