After approximately three months of training on-line I had the opportunity to personally train with Master Johnson. I found him to be demanding yet patient and caring and very approachable with a great sense of humor. He was just what I’ve always pictured a Martial Arts Master to be. Now more than ever I believe in the I.S.F. slogan “World Class Instructors…Elite Level Black Belts.” Master Johnson, as a Military and Law Enforcement Veteran of over 40 years, I salute your ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit. I am PROUD to be part of the I.S.F. family and have no doubt that you will achieve your first goal of 100,000 Black Belts very quickly. I will be one of them!”
Gerald M. – California. 

“This is truly a paradigm shift for the Martial Arts world. Learn at your own pace in your own comfortable surroundings, no driving to and from class, waiting forever to be promoted, and paying $90-$150 per month not including testing fees. I figure at the rate I am going, I’ll complete all three levels in about a year, I’ll really know how to protect myself, and it will only cost me $295 TOTAL!! After that I can continue to train as much as I want for only $35 per year. In the old system I would have spent about $6,000 to $7000 (conservatively) and it would have taken 4-5 years.” This is a “NO BRAINER.”
Cheryl M. – CA.
“As a business owner and Martial Arts instructor I can truly say I’m thrilled about this online program and the art of “Seieido.” It has given me the ability to add a whole new dimension of training to our school’s curriculum. Now my students can achieve Black Belt ranking in a whole other system for very little money, while I have gained the ability to earn an unlimited amount of extra income. I like what Master Johnson told me in the very beginning, “Your success is PARAMOUNT, therefore mine is automatic.” Sean T. – Arizona.

“It’s about time Martial Arts caught up with today’s technology. I’ve always had the dream of earning a Black Belt but could never afford it, couldn’t find a school near me that worked with my schedule, and didn’t really want to be stuck in a class of 20-30 other students all progressing at different speeds. I mean you can earn a College degree on-line, learn a new skill or trade on-line, and do business on-line. So THANK YOU MASTER JOHNSON for making a longtime dream come true.” You are truly “The Digital Master.”
Dean P. Florida

I started my martial arts training with Master Johnson in 1990. He trained me from white belt all the way to Chief Instructor of my own school. I have been serving in the US Army for the past 9 years. In that time I have traveled the world and trained with countless Martial Arts Instructors and numerous styles. In all of my travels and training I have never trained with an instructor that has the skills that Master Johnson possesses not only the knowledge of Martial Arts but the ability to effectively train his students and instructors. Nor have I ever even heard of a style that compares to Seieido! It truly is The Elite Path of Mastery! I am honored to say that I train under Master Johnson.
Frank M. Persa SSG, USA Drill Sergeant

Master Johnson has given the term "Weaponless Defense" a whole new meaning. After working with him for the last fifteen years, I can honestly say: As a Tactical Firearms, Impact Weapons, and Hand-to-Hand Expert, NO ONE COMES CLOSE!
Ray Zarate
Police Science Institute

For thirteen years I've been looking for an instructor who could teach my officers how to stay safe while effectively controling an attacker, yet do so inflicting little or no injury. Therefore, I consider myself and my staff fortunate to be able to train with Master Johnson on a regular basis. Especially in light of what is currently taking place in the world today.
Bernard Prather
West-Pro Enforcement

The training I received as a U.S. Marine mearly scratched the surface when compared to what I've learned in the last six months studying the art of SEIEIDO. As a Black Belt for nearly 10 years, I can say "NOTHING COMES CLOSE."
Christopher R. McBrien
U.S. Marine LCPL
3rd Dan Black Belt

After spending 5 years in the field of Security and being currently employed as a Police Officer, I feel ten times better prepared to protect myself and control an attacker than any of my fellow officers after just a few months of training in the art of SEIEIDO.
Alfredo Fuentes
Kingsburg Police Dept.



Thank you for the presentation and demonstration you did for the Tulare County association of REALTORS today. We are happy to recommend your "real estate agent safety course" to  anyone - there is no question about the value in your program. Our goal (and the task to you)  was to offer hands-on safety training  and a demonstration to our members in order to augment  the information that the REALTOR Association has made available. You enabled us to completely achieve our goal and we are extremely happy to see that this type of training is available for the real estate profession.  Given the fact that you are a Real Estate Broker, it gives this training extra value in that you have tailored this program to fit our needs as real estate professionals. The "Hands-on Close Quarter Self-Defense and Escape Training" is truly effective, but it was also fun for the participants! I would be hard pressed to think of another training course that we have ever put on, that the participants have enjoyed as much as this one. The training truly lived up to its billing: "It was realistic and focused on awareness, prevention,  self-defense, and escape techniques that may help you get out of a bad situation or, better yet, just avoid one altogether."  
Please let us know of anything we can do to get the word out to the Real
Estate community that this valuable training is available for individuals as
well as companies that want to be proactive about agent safety. 

Karl Hampton
Executive Officer
Tulare County Association of REALTORS and MLS
Tel 559-627-1776 Ext.105    Fax 559-627-9441

Dear Master Johnson,


       I wanted to take a moment and personally THANK YOU for the Safety Training Class you taught our company. You taught key points in safety from preventative measures to self defense. Besides the fact you made it fun, keeping our attention it was highly educational. I walked away from the class feeling confident and empowered. Unfortunately, it was only a taste and you left me wanting to learn more. I never thought that I could do any kind of “Martial Arts”. I appreciate you disproving that thought or way of thinking. Anyone can, you just have to believe. That is half the battle. One class is not enough though…my husband and I have discussed it and want to continue with your program. Not that I want an excuse to spar with my husband or anything! From Realty Blue and the bottom of my heart thank you for reminding us of good safety techniques while opening my eyes to the wonders of Martial Arts!




Naomi L. Kirk


Naomi L. Kirk

Transaction Coordinator / Licensed Agent



Master Johnson,

At Realty Blue, we are committed to leading our industry and providing
the best environment and tools possible for our associates to be
successful and that begins and ends with Safety. As Broker for Realty
Blue, I take training and safety very seriously and Master Dave
Johnson's training was the perfect addition to our company's already
comprehensive team training program.  Our associates came away with more self-confidence and skills to deal with adverse situations and more
importantly useful awareness techniques to possibly avoid potential
threats altogether!  Master Johnson is intimately aware of our needs as
Real Estate Professionals as he and his wife are both Brokers. His teaching style is interesting, engaging and highly effective, while being fun all at the same time.  In fact, Master
Johnson's training was so enjoyable and compelling that some of our
staff are looking into scheduling private lessons and we are planning
recurrent refresher training for our team! I highly recommend Master
Johnson's Real Estate Professional Safety Course to anyone in our
industry who wants to do more than just talk about Safety, but who
actually wants to go to the next logical level and learn practical
hands-on avoidance and escape techniques that could possibly save their
life someday!

Jeff Schrager
Team Leader / President
Realty Blue, Inc.

Master Johnson,

"This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend Master Johnson's two
day safety training course, which was geared wonderfully for real life
situations.  I have taken Tae Kwon Do, for five years, and had not
received the situational training that was covered in those four hours I
spent this past Saturday in class.  By no means is the class meant to
make you a martial arts expert in eight hours.  However, if you were to
ever find yourself in a bad situation, it does give you the basic
knowledge and confidence you will need.  I'm happy to have gone through
this with my wife, who's a real estate agent. Knowing she now has this
basic training I have more confidence that if faced with an ugly
situation she'll have the knowledge to handle it properly and stay
safe."    -Dan Kirk



Master Johnson,

"Taking a personal safety course with Master Johnson was wonderful, and I am so happy that I did it. Not only do I feel more prepared to handle a dangerous situation, but I had a GREAT time and realized how interested in martial arts I really am. I plan to pursue more courses with Master Johnson, because you will definitely not want to stop at one 8-hour course! He is so extremely knowledgeable, and he knows how to teach complex moves in a simple way. His humor and wit keep the class fun, while his serious talent and knowledge keep you focused on learning. I would entrust my personal safety learning to Master Johnson before anyone else. His unique style and way of teaching is highly effective, yet you can feel relaxed at the same time because he only expects you to do your best. There's no pressure to be a Black-Belt overnight! Overall, I feel much more competent and empowered. I would recommend this course to anyone, especially those of us who often come into contact with clients who we are not familiar with. You can never be too prepared, and I feel as though this course is a great way to give myself an edge without being paranoid. I cannot WAIT to learn more!"

-Molly McGuire, 21

Master Johnson,

"Participation in Dave Johnson's self-defense class is a must!  He presents the material VERY well, and with his depth of knowledge, knows exactly how to get the most of your ability.  I would highly recommend it.  Not only will it boost your self-confidence, his training could very well save your life.  I will take future classes as offered to enhance and refine my skills."

-David McGuire


Master Johnson,

"In the class of Master Johnson, there were many great aspects that I learned. I learned many great techniques for defending myself in his class. He based everything on reality instead of the normal Karate classes. It was so much fun!"

-Zahaira Villarreal, 14 years old. (Daughter of Agent).


The type of techniques Master Johnson teaches in this course are easy to learn and could be the difference between life & death. The location & equipment are great. His skills are amazing and excellent.

Carolyn Richards - Richards Appraisals


The reality of only having THREE seconds to get out of a bad situation cannot be read about, it must be experienced. This class taught techniques any woman can use to stop an attack and the REALITY training brought it all together. I'll be back!

Kathy Banks - Realty World Investors Realty


You don't realize what you're capable of until you take this course. I don't feel that I'm defenseless anymore. The hands-on training makes more of a reality situation and it has made me feel better prepared.

Diana Jasso - All Estates Realtors


 The class gave me a great awareness of how to use knowledge and strength when faced with an attacker. Before this class I would have put up a fight but now I know specific techniques that could save my life. I will definately take the Refresher Courses to keep these newly learned skills sharp in my mind. I highly recommend this course to both men and women.

Ann Sullins - All Estates Realtors 


Great hands-on opportunity to experience an actual or close to actual attack and be trained to react to it. A positive enviroment in which to learn how to defend yourself and learn techniques that were always there but didn't know how to use them to protect myself and get away alive.

Rosa Jimenez - All Estates Realtors


Great class! Now I feel more confident that in the event I find myself in a dangerous situation, I have a better idea on how to defend myself by using the techniques that Master Johnson taught us. He also had us practice like a real situation with a real person acting as an attacker and that was very helpful. We also had a lot of fun cheering for eachother during practice. Master Johnson's lecture on awareness, preparation & procedure was excellent. Thank You!

Maria Helm - All Estates Realtors


Excellent class that teaches life saving skills for any situation. This is a MUST for any man or woman. I feel empowered!

Sally Blagg - Financial Title Co.


It's a good way to learn Self-Defense. You learn based upon Real Life scenarios.

Serena Lemos - Century 21 Jordan-Link & Co.


Great Course! Master Johnson kept it fun but taught a lot.

Dianne Pinheiro - American Home Mortgage


I really learned a lot to take care of myself if needed.

Linn White - Linn's House Cleaning & Detail


Great Class!! I am seriously considering your regular weekly training classes.

Ashley Pinheiro - Vitamin World


Wonderful course! Fun and very useful. I feel more confident that I could survive an attack.

Cindy Coray - All Estates Realtors


I was given enough tools to strike back and get away from an attacker. I would really be interested in further instruction.

Cynthia Kennemen - Century 21 Jordan-Link & Co.


You did a great job teaching with a sense of humor. A great class. I loved it! I'm sure I'll be back and I'll be a great testimonial for you. A very well balanced class. I liked it all but my favorite part was the end when we encountered a real confrontation with an attacker. The Continental Breakfast and Lunch were more than I expected. You are a great instructor and I enjoyed both you and your wife. Together you make a great team.

Gladine Miller - Exit Realty-Team One


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