The Elite Path of Mastery

The History of SEIEIDO, The Elite Path of Mastery

Since 1959 Master Johnson has been studying and training hard to develop a self-defense system that would have no equal. It has NOW become a reality!

It is now possible by way of “Private Workshops” and “Virtual Internet Training” that you and those you care about can benefit from the most complete, realistic, and effective system of self-defense in the world today.

Whether you’re a Martial Arts Instructor of any style, Law Enforcement Officer, or Corporate Executive, you can NOW improve your level of safety or enhance your level of Martial Arts ability.

Sei Ei Do (The Elite Path of Mastery), was developed by Master Johnson and is the perfect blend of numerous martial art styles. By integrating techniques from Taekwondo, Hapkido, Hwarangdo, Aikido, Aikijutsu, Judo, Tai Chi, Grappling, Gung Fu, and Kick Boxing, combined with Non-agressive Control Holds, Joint Locks, Nerve Stimulation, Knife and Gun Defense/Retention, Advanced Ground Fighting Skills, and Tactical Firearm Training, Master Johnson has developed a system that lacks nothing except an individual’s desire to obtain an “Elite Level” of personal self-defense ability.

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