About Elite Defense

The Elite Defense Training Program was designed specifically with the Business Professional, Security Professional or Executive Protection Specialist in mind. However, Doctors, Attorneys, Politicians, and Corporate CEOs have all found that this private, exclusive, one-on-one training format works perfect with their busy successful lifestyles.

Your instructor is a World Recognized Martial Arts Master with over 50 Years of experience, a 2-Time Hall of Famer, a Certified Law Enforcement Instructor, and a Professionally trained Executive Protection Specialist.

The confidential client base is purposely kept to a minimum (only 20 1-on-1 Clients at any given time) to ensure optimum training results and the highest quality of instruction. A custom designed training regimen is developed for each client’s specific needs and requests.

Instruction can vary from Stress Reduction and Flexibility to instruction in the arts of Seieido, Taekwondo, Hapkido, Jujitsu, Grappling, Weapon Disarms, Multiple Opponent Defense, Close Quarter Combat, or Firearms Training. The unique training format delivers maximum amounts of content in short time periods with high rates of retention. A specific amount of time is spent on running repetitions for building muscle memory through high-speed drilling.

Training times are set on a first come basis ranging from early morning to late at night and in-home private instruction is also available for an additional fee. A Waiting List is available.

Most participants feel confident enough to handle any violent threat after just six months.

For the success-minded individual that expects nothing but the best, the Elite Defense Training Program will exceed that expectation. When looking for private one-on-one Martial Arts instruction, DEMAND THE BEST and ACCEPT NOTHING LESS.

Contact Master Johnson TODAY!   @   559-917-5262 

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